Articles and Tutorials to help your Website succeed

Installing a website and using a Content Management System can be a daunting task but with the help of the abundance of articles we offer, it can be an enjoyable experience. Our articles are here to help you make the most of your (CMS powered) website whether you are a budding webmaster or an industry expert.


Widgets and your Wordpress site
Widgets are a great way to maintain sidebars and block regions and Widget Ready has a wide range of templates both free and professional for your blog or site.

Blogging and WordPress Hosting
WordPress hosting is shared hosting which means you won't have to pay a big price for this service.

The Benefits of Using a CMS
In this article I will describe the benefits that using a Content Management System can have on your website. Some of the benefits discussed are SEO, security and skinning.

Installing a CMS
Installing a CMS does not have to be difficult, in this article I will help make your first installation a breeze.

SEO and Your Website
In this article I will discuss 5 steps to optimize your website's SEO. I can't promise you top 10 rankings but I can promise you better rankings.

6 Popular Website Marketing Techniques
Having higher traffic is a goal of most websites and it is particularly important if you have monetized your website. Throughout this article I will discuss 6 popular marketing techniques used to inc

Setting up a blog - Blogger tools and Software
Starting a blog is a very complex process. Using a CMS like WordPress and WP plugins makes it much easier.

A Beginners Guide to Website Ownership
The internet is full of possibilities and starting a website can be one of them.

Use Flash to Make Your Site a Standout
With Adobe (MacroMedia) Flash it's possible to enhance your website with animations, movies and lightweight vector graphics. In this article you will understand how to use Flash the right way.

Tips to Writing Blog Entries
The tips in this article will help the blog writer to have better blog entries and more blog readers. Blog writing is easy and is fun attract people reading your Blog postings.

How to Select an osCommerce Template
Choosing the right colors for your osCommerce shop application is often difficult, this article can help you to make better decisions.

Some Basic Rules about Blogging
This article with basic rules about blogging will show the reader how to write better articles for his Wordpresss or hosted Blog.

Link building strategies
There are many link building strategies available, read this article to learn the most important basics.


Create a custom Web 2.0 Gradient Effect
Create cool web 2.0 effects for buttons, banners and text using Photoshops layer effects.

Horizontal Web 2.0 navigation bar
Create a stylish web 2.0 horizontal web navigation bar using Adobe Fireworks in only 5 steps.

Create a Featured content box
Create a featured (news) box for your website using cool blue colors and decent gradient effects.

Custom Web Media Player
This tutorial will show you how to create a custom skin for your media or video player.

Wordpress Header for Game Sites
A tutorial for (halo) game freaks, learn in 11 steps how to design a header inclisive logo and navigation bar.

Developing a Wordpress Theme
I will outline all steps of developing a Wordpress theme including: structuring your design, selecting a color scheme, designing the theme, coding the theme and distributing it.

Designing a Wordpress Theme
Part 2 of Developing a WordPress Theme - Designing the Theme. I will step you through designing the theme in Photoshop.

Create a Psychedelic and colorful flower
Create a Psychedelic and colorful flower within only a few minutes. This tutorial will guide you through the whole process with easy steps

How-to Create a Web 2.0 button/icon
This tutorial will show you how to create a stylish web 2.0 botton or icon with only a few easy steps.

Media Site Interface Design (part 1)
In this Photoshop tutorial we create a navigation interface incl. logo and site search elements for a media site.

Create a Quick Name Tag with Photoshop
Get your visitors attention with this stylish name tag. This tutorial will show you how to create this kind of button.