Use Flash to Make Your Site a Standout

The work has been done, the links and search engine results are bringing people to your site. But, do you offer something interesting? Do you grab their attention and keep it?

Great content and page design are a start, but with a little bit a flash, you can quickly grab their attention and invite them to stay.

Why use flash?

Adding flash elements to a website is a simple and effective way to create an eye-catching website.

While there are a few down sides to using custom flash intros, flash elements, and pre-made flash website templates, there are also many good reasons to use flash. With literally billions of websites on the Internet and unknown numbers of sites being added daily, it becomes more and more difficult to create a website that is both memorable and brings return visitors. Using a flash intro or individual flash elements can elevate your website from one of the crowd to becoming a real stand out.

No compatibility issues

Unlike HTML and CSS, all Internet browsers display Flash content the same. Additionally, there is only one source for the free player, so there are no worries about your Flash intros and elements being viewable.

Get their attention in a flash

Every website has only a few seconds to gain the attention and interest of site visitors. Websites in the early days of the Internet abounded with flashing text and scrolling marquees. Their movement on the screen was both novel and eye-catching. As an industry, we learned that action is eye-catching; but, repetitive action is often annoying. We have also learned that action which occurs once or with a mouseover can be quite powerful and effective when used appropriately.

Flash and burn into their memory

Using a flash intro or individual Flash elements can help brand your website. Instead of showing static and unmoving images of your product or service, use Flash to take your prospective customer on a tour of your production floor, show off your product in action or just about anything - only your imagination limits what you can create.

Flash as a tool

Whether using a Flash intro, menu or as other elements on a webpage, Flash can incorporate a series of still photos, movie clips, sound, and smooth animations to create eye-catching and memorable websites. Flash intros can mimic one of those multi-million dollar television commercials to invite potential customers into your website.

But, what about Load Times and SEO?

Flash intros have lost some of their luster as they ran into problems with search engines and site visitors with slower connection speeds. Flash intros are being replaced with individual flash elements to create bold and exciting webpages. Now, instead of a home page containing only a flash intro, flash elements are embedded on website pages. This trend has led to highly attractive and memorable pages that are highly visual, yet accessible to the search engines.

Today's professional Flash Programmers know how to use vector graphics and other tools to create flash elements with smaller than ever file sizes. And by incorporating the flash elements into a page with other content, a clever programmer can force the flash portion of the page to load last - thereby allowing the rest of the content to load first. With flash intros, there was often nothing displayed on the screen until the flash portion of the page loaded. So, even those sites that offered the option to skip the flash were ineffective since the option did not display until the flash intro did.

An Alternative to custom Flash designs

To get unique and custom flash components for your site, you will most likely need to hire a professional flash programmer. If you would like to use flash elements on your website, but don't have the budget for a custom designed flash website; sites like All4YourWebsite now offer quick and easy access to professional quality pre-made flash templates.

For the price of a video game, you can get a fully functional flash website template to use on your site. These flash templates offer some outstanding examples of incorporating flash elements into website design. Many of the designers of the flash website templates being offered on All4YourWebsite also provide custom services and offer modifications to their existing templates for an additional fee. Starting with one of these flash templates would allow you to have an exciting, highly-visual website from day one and provide a strong foundation that could be built upon as your business grows.

Affordable, Eye-Catching, & Memorable

Flash is all that. Adding flash elements to a website is easier than ever and may be the perfect solution to creating your website. Be sure to check out the flash website templates on this website and begin to create the website that once only lived in your imagination.